Ghostwriter, also called ghost writer, is, according to Duden the name for an author who writes for another person. The ghostwriter is not named by name because he supports people anonymously when writing a job.

Academic ghostwriters write templates for scientific work based on individual specifications and help students, such as you, to succeed in their studies. If you, too, need the technical and professional help of a reputable and ghostwriter, you are in the right place.

Whether you want to write a bachelor thesis or are looking for a ghostwriter for master theses: I will help you with individually prepared solutions that are subject to quality standards.

My service includes study papers and final papers in English as well as the design and analysis of expert interviews. As a longtime ghostwriter I have a very good academic degree as well as extensive and long-term knowledge in the field of scientific ghostwriting.

I accompany my clients both as an expert mentor – from the idea to the submission of the finished work – as well as an experienced graduate, who creates successful templates for theses. Whatever difficulties you have: With me you are in good hands.

Who needs a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter requires anyone who does not have the time and resources to complete a high quality scientific work at a specific time.

In the course of your studies you can quickly get into the situation of having to seek the professional help of a ghostwriter. Not everyone delights or fulfills scientific work to the same extent. In addition, there are tight schedules, multiple burdens due to studies, work and family and lack of support from the university or university.

In particular, the Bologna Process owes it that many students need help in the preparation of their scientific work. They are “hunted” by the study and must, in addition to the numerous exams, also write a bachelor thesis or master’s thesis.

The fear of a wrong working method, missing red thread and accidental plagiarism, as well as the lack of support from the professors are the main reasons to hire a ghostwriter. Whether you want to have a term paper written, have a paperwork written, or want to write a master’s thesis, need an exposé or an essay: I’ll be happy to help you with any concerns.

My many years of experience in university research and the large number of successfully completed templates for graduate theses qualify me to provide you with a tailor-made solution for your scientific work.

In addition, you may come to me with persistent writer’s blocks and lack of knowledge in the field of scientific work. My scientific coaching with guided work processes helps you to overcome these deficits and restore the routine of writing.

And if your work is already finished, I’ll pass the final touches through editing and proofreading.