If you compare the prices for a bachelor thesis at English-speaking ghostwriting agencies, you will find that these vary greatly. In recent years we have seen a worrying development. Some providers offer fixed dumping prices and promise to deliver scientifically sound work for little money. Before these providers was expressly warned. There has been a series of fraud cases in recent years in which customers were lured by these dumping prices and ended up with no or only substandard work. In supposed bargain offers, one should be very careful, since the lower price is usually associated with poorer quality or a fraudulent intention behind it.

Some agencies also work with student authors, who usually work for a lesser author than an author with a university degree. When choosing the agency, attention should be paid not only to the price but to the quality. In addition, the agency should allow you a comprehensive and free initial consultation and calculate a free and non-binding offer for your order.

We do not offer any package prices, but calculate each order individually. If you compare our prices with those of many other agencies, you will find that we have no dumping work. This has to do with the selection of our authors, as well as the internal work processes. We work We work exclusively with experienced authors who have at least a university degree. The majority of our ghostwriters have at least one academic degree, many have a doctorate with a master’s degree and some have years of experience in academic ghostwriting. Understandably, these authors charge a higher fee than a student ghostwriter or author without a scientific degree. Therefore, we calculate higher prices than other agencies. For this we guarantee you that you will receive a professional work that not only meets the academic but also the formal requirements of an academic thesis.

For us, it goes without saying that we check every work before delivery for formal, contentual and structural errors. The price therefore includes a plagiarism check, as well as a review by our agency (four-eyes principle). This ensures that the work is formally and scientifically flawless and requires no further revision by the customer. Our authors ensure that the formalities of your university are adhered to and design the bibliography and source list accordingly. Likewise, the footnote apparatus is designed according to the formal requirements and also checked by us before delivery.

The price of a bachelor thesis depends on the most diverse factors. These include the scientific claim (empirical or theoretical work), the length, the time frame and the status of the preparatory work for the planned work. The more work our authors have to invest, be it in the literature research, classification, choice of topic or the collection of empirical data, the higher the price will be.

It is therefore recommended that you provide your author with as much material as possible, so that he can better adapt to your ideas and wishes. If a bachelor thesis is written completely by one of our authors without you doing any preparatory work or limiting the topic, a much higher fee is usually due than if you give the ghostwriter concrete guidelines. A higher price is due even if the scientific claim of the work is very high. This is especially the case when empirical data has to be collected or evaluated. Since the workload is much higher here than with a text based on the analysis of already published literature.

Of course, we can also write works in other languages ​​for you (for example, English, Spanish, French, etc.), and here too a slightly higher fee is usually charged, as this work is either written by native speakers or linguists. Another important factor in calculating the price of your work is the time frame that is available. Many of our customers turn to us only when they see no other option and a lot of time has already passed. Although our professional writers are able to write a scientific paper within a short period of time, a much higher fee will be required as the ghostwriter has to work under a lot of time pressure. At the same time, the lack of processing time is always reflected in the quality of the work. Therefore, you should contact us as soon as possible, so you not only save money, but make sure that you get a high quality work.

If the work is to be written within a few weeks, the price increases because the author has to work under high pressure. If, however, several months of processing time are possible, this will have a positive effect on the total price of the work. As a general rule, we can also undertake work for you with a very limited time frame, since our authors work professionally and thus efficiently.

In principle, you have the option of paying by installments. Depending on the scope of the work, we set different dates for which you will receive partial deliveries from your author. The installment payments are also linked to these partial deliveries. We are happy to advise you on the financing options for free and without obligation in detail by phone.