The Bachelor thesis marks the completion of the study and is the prerequisite for obtaining the Bachelor title. The work itself is very important for the overall grade of the study and requires the students to prove that they can work on a scientific topic independently and in a relatively short time. For this, it is expected that the students will identify a topic that is relevant for the course of studies and will work on it according to scientific criteria under a chosen question. Unlike seminar papers, not only the relevant research literature must be compiled and evaluated, but it is also expected that the students develop their own theses and results and can classify and discuss them in the larger research context. For this, the topic must not only be recorded in terms of content, but also discussed with the usual theoretical models.

To write a bachelor thesis, every student must be supervised by a lecturer (usually a professor) who can not only help with the choice of topics, but who can also be contacted during the writing process. In reality, few professors have time to provide intensive care. Many students are therefore insecure, especially since scientific writing is not taught at each university with the required intensity. We therefore receive many inquiries from students who have very specific questions about writing their work and who are not receiving sufficient support from the university. The reasons for the involvement of a professional author can be manifold. Personal, health or professional crises can mean that even a carefully planned work can not be completed on time. In these cases, it is advisable to seek professional help. Our experienced authors can also work on challenging scientific topics in a relatively short time and provide you with a high-quality thesis.

The Bachelor’s thesis is therefore not only an intellectual task that should not be underestimated, but also requires a certain amount of time and work management. Because only two to four months are available for writing and researching the thesis (depending on the university and the subject area).

If you request an order from us, we will send you a free, non-binding and individual offer within 24 hours. If you accept this, we will immediately seek a suitable author for you and establish the contact between him and you.

A close interaction between you and the ghostwriter is desired!

When selecting the authors, we pay attention to the professional background and the availability of our ghostwriters. In any case, we will only provide you with a ghostwriter with whom we have already worked successfully and who has at least a qualifying university degree. In doing so, we ensure that you are competently and optimally looked after. You can contact the author at any time and contact him personally. If you do not want this, we take over the communication between both sides. No matter which way you choose, you can definitely stay anonymous. Throughout the work process, the author will be your personal contact and will be available to answer any questions. If you have problems with your ghostwriter or are dissatisfied with it, a member of staff of course will intervene and possibly give you another author.

Of course, you can limit the communication with your author to the essentials and leave him free to write the text. The majority of our clients use the opportunity to interact with the ghostwriter in person to achieve the best possible result.

Of course, how closely you want to work with the ghostwriter depends on the nature of the job. When it comes to completing a chapter or existing text, our authors need less information than when you commission a complete work. For writing a bachelor thesis, the subject, the question and the central literature must be discussed in advance with the supervisor. Only then can the ghostwriter begin work. The agreement with the lecturer should prevent misunderstandings that have a negative effect on the final grade of your work.

During the work process, you will always receive partial deliveries on specified dates – of course, depending on the scope of the work. These partial deliveries give you the opportunity to follow the work progress and at the same time allow you to comment on the work of the author or to take corrective action.

Before we deliver the finished work to you, we will proofread it internally. Our employees pay attention not only to formal mistakes, but also to language and content problems. In addition, we examine the complete scientific apparatus, that is, the bibliography and source list as well as the footnote apparatus. After that, each text goes through an automatic plagiarism check. This ensures that all citations have been correctly marked and that the work fully meets the scientific requirements.

If you still have questions after the delivery of the work or discover errors, these will of course be adjusted by the author.